Activity Based Costing: A Worthy Endeavor

Untangling Expenditure and Benefit

  • Many companies view performing activity based costing as costly and wasteful. With our approach, we are able to determine actual activity based costs in a rapid manner. On top of that, improvement options are ascertained. You save time and money and you are able to concentrate on making your customer happy.

1Transparent Processes
b5 solutions ensures to display activities, activity costs and activity efforts coherently at all times and factors in changes immediately.

2Immediate and Continuous Result Monitoring
We analyze process defects and work on improvements with you and your staff. b5 solutions takes on the role of validator and measures the implications and results.

3Flexible and Modularized Process Design
Changes in processes are instantly taken into account. No matter at what stage the project is in or at what point in the mapping of the process.

4Coherent Decision Making
All implications of a change in processes are instantly visible with the help of b5 solutions. Consequently, potential changes can be weighed and prioritized according to impact leading to coherent decision making.

5Immediate Time and Money Savings
b5 solutions allows you to perform projects much faster since the time-consuming, manual task of activity based costing is outsourced.

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