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  • We speedily identify effective solutions for one or more particular problems in your business processes. In cooperation with your staff, all improvements are implemented quickly and in a lasting manner for you to start thinking about the next steps instead of maintaining the current state. Of course, all information gathered are handle with the utmost confidentiality.

Below you can find a small sample of b5 projects. To protect our clients, the following project examples are portrayed strictly anonymized. We are happy to provide specific references personally.

Finance/ Insurance

Collection Agency (Germany)
Optimization of two different core business processes: Reduction of activity based costs by more than 80% within 29 project days
German Health Insurance (Germany)
Implementation of a process management and standard operating procedures including well-defined roles and responsibilities: Increase by 23% of employee satisfaction levels within one year and improvement of the staff retention rate by 62% within 42 project days

Business Services

Internet Service Provider (Spain/China/Germany)
Implementation of a continuous improvement process: Increase of employee satisfaction and increased change conversion rate wihtin 42 project days
B2B Software Producer (USA/UK)
Assembly of scalable distribution and customer service processes: Increase by 50% of the distribution efficiency and, simultaneously, reduction of the number of complaints by 90 % within 71 project days

Manufacturing Industry

Biotechnology Company (Germany)
Implementation of a re-designed ordering procedure: 60% cost savings from the inquiry to the order within 20 project days
Metal-working Company (Germany)
Analysis and adjustment of the overhead structure in administrative procedures: 55% reduction of the lead time and contraction of the end-to-end total throughput time from months to weeks within 75 project days

Construction Industry

Landscaping & Construction Company (Germany)
Implementation of a holistic process and project management: Reduction of the staff workload by 31% as well as contribution margin analysis on a single project basis within 96 project days
Architecture & Engineering Company (Germany)
Definition of the end-to-end processes according to the HOAI/VOB: Tracebility of produced outputs as well as sound managing of available resources within 33 project days

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