Philosophy & Management: Genuine, Fair and, Effective

What We Value

    We connect and work together to craft partnerships
    and a gratifying experience.
    We build tailor made business systems with customized
    tools that reinforce and enhance success.
    We bring the world-leading skill, talent, and ingenuity
    to guide you through the change, process,
    and performance needed to become best in class.
    We are committed to optimizing your operations
    so that your organization can achieve and maintain
    industry leadership.
    We are successful when you are successful; nothing
    is more satisfying than reaching and surpassing
    your target.

b5 solutions: The Management

The b5 solutions management team is comprised of experts from different walks of life and experiences. Together they form the leadership guiding your ongoing one-to-one collaborative partnership, working hand in hand to provide not only the tools needed to extend success but, also the ability to capitalize on it.

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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and qualified banker, Hannes developed his skills of systemic operational excellence by working with investment houses and service providers in the financial industries in both Europe and the United States. His responsibilities ranged from managing operations units to being responsible
for large-scale international transformation projects. Having gained expertise on how to revamp corporate culture and evolve people, processes, and metrics, Hannes built a career dedicated to helping multinational companies develop and utilize the full potential of their resources.

Managing a variety of large-scale international projects around operational development within different industries, he built a portfolio of successful companies, long-lasting partnerships, and satisfied stakeholders. This knowledge and passion for defining and implementing business systems led Hannes to found b5 solutions. b5 provides a platform from which he can directly work to shape change and co-develop continued success for his clients, true to his mantra: “If our partners are successful, we are successful.”

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As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Anke has led various Lean Six Sigma transformation initiatives in the banking sector and in retail companies in Europe. Using this expertise in leading merger and acquisition projects as well as managing large service centers, Anke developed strong management experience in multinational enterprises, like General Electric Capital, in state-owned central banking companies and in medium-sized businesses. From her experience running Information Technology and Process Reengineering divisions, from the corporate to the local level, Anke has been able to significantly change the operating models for companies. She has developed and implemented roadmaps that directly impacted strategic goals, by installing systems that instruct and inspire employees to continuously work to improve performance and quality, and to further success.

Anke is passionate about combining systems and processes, connecting strategy to operating models, developing and implementing business systems. She understands it is the employees, their passion, knowledge and mindset, that are the cornerstones of success.

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A marketing professional from industries that include higher education, computer technology, and packaging; Steven has had a wide range of experiences with different products, projects, and customers. Having most recently worked for a trade association he has had the luxury of being on both sides of the marketing coin with respect to planning for and participating in exhibitions. His experience has ranged from transforming corporate identities for young and established companies, developing and executing outreach campaigns, revamping corporate websites, orchestrating communication and briefings for international press, and developing both digital and traditional collateral.

An avid traveler and having had a homestead in Los Angeles, Sydney, San Francisco, and Berlin Steven has become well adept with working with an international clientele and enjoys seeing and hearing about different cultures and perspectives. The opportunities he has been awarded through international work and exchange have enhanced his sense of awareness and vision.

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